Monday, April 24, 2017

Australian Skills Resume

For our final paper for International Studies Abroad, it was “highly recommended” that we include a discussion of the hard and soft skills we developed over the course of our internship. Hard skills are typically considered to be teachable and quantifiable – like proficiency on a specific program. Soft skills might be more general, such as ability to work on a team. As I worked on that paper, I limited myself to the skills I developed working at Solar Citizens, but I have gained so much more from the past three-months than just work experience. If I’d gotten to tell ISA the REAL story, it would have made a verified Aussie resume. I thought it might be fun to write that here instead.

Australian Skills Resume

Soft skill:
Associated Australian Hard Skills:
How to do it: Before you finish a word, consider what its really cute, shortened alternative might be. Your conclusion is what the Australians call it: arvo, brekkie, avo, defo – the list goes on.
-Ordering coffee:
How to do it: Coffee culture is huge but order a “coffee” and you’ll get a blank stare. If you like your coffee with milk, you’re going for a “flat white.” If you like straight espresso maybe you want a long black. And if you want this in a to-go cup? Wrong. It’s takeaway.

Soft skill:
Adaptability to foreign cuisine
Associated Australian Hard Skills:
-Completing a perfect Tim-Tam Slam
            How to do it: This is all about technique and ratios. First, you have to make sure your glass is almost full of milk. Next, bite ONLY the very end off each side of the Tim-Tam. Dip in milk and use the Tim-Tam like a straw. Then be thankful that Australia exists.  
-Properly eating Vegemite on toast
            How to do it: This one comes down to technique and ratios too. You want toasted white bread, heavy butter, and just a slight suggestion of Vegemite (it’s fermented yeast, go easy on the stuff). Pro-Australian tip: apply both the butter and Vegemite with short strokes of the knife for evenness.  

Soft skill:
Associated Australian Hard Skills:
-Killing cockroaches
            How to do it: You call Mary Klepzig. Mary will kill the cockroaches for you.
-Avoiding seagulls:
            How to do it: You hang around Mary Klepzig. The bird will likely land on/poop on her instead.
-Avoiding sunburn
            How to do it: Find the redheaded member of the group and ask her for sunscreen. If you’re on the beach, wear a hat and sunglasses. Set a timer for 30 minutes on your phone (this is advanced stuff you might want to start with 15) and flip when it goes off. After you’ve turned on your front and back, reapply. Stop arguing. And no negotiating down from SPF 50.

Soft skill:
Associated Australian Hard Skills:
-Walking on the left side of the road
            How to do it: Erase everything you’ve ever learned and hop on over to the left.  LOOK RIGHT before you step out to cross the street, and my gosh, be careful out there.
-Using public transport
            How to do it: Figure out where Central Station is and don’t, DON’T forget your Opal card.

Soft skill:
Social Interaction
Associated Australian Hard Skills:
-Turning a group of 13 strangers into your family
How to do it: Eat a lot of family dinners together. Get lost on public transit. Commiserate over a paper or two. Be silly. Sing Rocky Top.

These skills were developed over a three month period in Sydney, Australia.

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